Our Story

Rooco was founded in 2021 in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our goal is to brighten each corner of your home with either a print on your wall, throw pillow on your couch or a dog bandana that matches your home's aesthetic.

Skyline view of South Loop, Chicago

Behind the name

Rooco is inspired by our sweet dog, Orbit. One of his many nicknames is Roo Roo which then grew and morphed into the name Rooco.
(Roo Roo Collections = Rooco)

Small, black dog in a backpack, exploring the city.Woman holding a small black dog looking over her shoulder.

Orbit's journey

Orbit is a year and a half old toy golden doodle. When he was eight months old, he was diagnosed with diabetes and had multiple other side effects such as pancreatitis. From there Orbit started to improve but then had complications from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). The wonderful vets at Premier Veterinary Group Chicago took the best care of our little guy and helped guide us through the difficult days. Since then he has made amazing improvements. Orbit still has some complications from the two diseases but is truly a happy puppy that we couldn't adore more.

Get in touch

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