How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

The best way to fill a large wall or entry way is by using a gallery wall. Each piece will allow you to tell your story and make your house a home. Gallery walls are also very versatile by allowing you to showcase your adventures, family and favorite artwork.

Before you get started make sure you know the overall style you are going for. 

If you are looking for more inspiration we curated a few styles for you to browse

Create a Mockup Before Hanging Your Frames

This is essential to making sure the frames you have or want to purchase will fit your space. You will need grid paper, a pencil, painters tape and preferably a fabric tape measure. Keep in mind there are many alternatives to these supplies but we have found this to work the best.

Begin by measuring out your wall and each frame you plan on using. Then you will begin drawing out your frames on your grid paper based on your gallery wall vision. Although a structured gallery wall is easier to plan, an organic wall can still be done with this technique. 

Pro tip: Each grid box can represent 1in in order to accurately and easily draw out your gallery wall plan.

Once you feel good about your layout, you will then take your painters tape and use it to replicate your drawing to actual size. This will give you an idea of scale before adding holes to your wall.

Define Your Images Before Printing

This is important when creating an organic gallery wall because you will have a variety of  frame sizes and potentially different frame materials. You can use the same grid paper drawing to plan out each frame. While there is no wrong way to divide up your images, these few ideas will help elevate the look.

With these ideas in mind begin writing down the specific image you want in each frame. You will then use this to order any frames and images needed for your project. Keep this mockup as a blueprint to guide you as you begin hanging the artwork on your wall.

Gallery Wall Inspiration

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